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About Jane Tao

Jane Tao is a new media artist and NFT artist who is inspired by religious content and stories of people around her but focuses on having a dualistic meaning among lessons, religion, and reality, rather than a fragmentary meaning. She studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the Film & New Media, and Art & Technology Studies. Her philosophy of art is to convey emotions and thoughts that people did not know or forgot, giving them a chance to think about them again to face the reality. She provides new directions for overcoming those by breaking the existing visual and conceptual frames of a story by using a 3d space to push meaning beyond appearances.


This can be seen in her works “Looking above, Looking forward” and “The Real.” “Looking above, Looking forward,” which was created into two different spaces that are ‘reality’ and ‘future reality.’ It is about breaking through the reality which is not real and looking forward to a better life in a future reality for people who are full of depression and frustration. “The Real” is about keeping agonizing over what is real and what is fake, due to pursuing success, knowledge, power, etc. Viewers can believe now would be true, but it is revealed as an illusion by breaking the frame of current space.


Through her experience in various fields including graphic design and new media art, she developed a practice of choosing and experimenting with various mediums of art pieces related to the theme. This led her to pursue mixed media based on video fusing with sculpture, drawing, media art, and even science and sound. Currently, she develops a body of 3d digital art that can interact with people and use both virtual and real space such as site-specific works, immersive art, and XR performance.



Aug 2019 - Dec 2021

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Focused on Film & New Media / Art &Tech

Mar 2014 - Feb 2019

Duksung Women’s University

Bachelor of Visual Communication Design


Jan 2023 

Art Teleported 2023, Solo Exhibition <Over and Over>, CICA Museum

Solo Exhibition <Over and Over> and conference in Art Teleported 2023, Gimpo, South Korea

Sep 2022

"Screen Test", Roman Susan Art Foundation

"Face and Light II" & "Manoah" as a team Elspread , Berger Park Cultural Center(Coach House), Chicago, USA

Apr 2022- Current

Virtual Exhibition “Perennial Sanctuary”, New Art City

"Face and Light II", Virtual Exhibition

Dec 2021

Lost in Realtime Like Tears in Rain, Video Live Performance "Realtime.Party"

"Dust", Video live performance on the online platform "REALTIME.PARTY", Online Live

Nov 2021

School of the Art Institute of Chicago BFA Show, SAIC Galleries

"Unseen Movement", School of the Art Institute of Chicago BFA Show, Chicago, USA

Nov 2020

2020 Corea Impact of On:Hallyu Festival, Neo-Space, XR Live Performance

Singer Samel Seo's "Jungle Riot" XR live performance, directing by our team "Neo-Space", Online Live

Sep 2020

Kinomural 2020, Poland

"Time Layers", Architectural Projection Festival, Kinomural 2020, Wroclaw Nadodrze, Poland

Sep 9th - 23rd 2020

Ars Electronica .Art Global Gallery

"Looking Above, Looking Forward", New Media Festival, Ars Electronica .Art Global Gallery, Austria

Nov 2018

Graduation Exhibition, Iang gallery

"The Real" & "Beam Project", Duksung Women’s University Undergraduate Exhibition, Seoul, South Korea


Jul 2022

HXOUSE LABS World Tour Chicago

NFT project team and workshop for the singer The Weeknd about After Hours til Dawn Tour

Aug 2020 - Nov 2020

Visual director, XR Live Performance(Singer Samuel Seo's Jungle Riot)

Visual director including planning, directing, and 3d design in XR live performance of Samuel Seo's "Jungle Riot",
from Korea Creative Content Agency with Company Giant Step

Feb 2018

Volunteer for British Council

Volunteer for British Council & PR materials distribution
At Gwanghwamun Kt Live Site of  PyeongChang Olympics

Oct 2017

Connected City Volunteer

Korea/Uk 2017-2018 Reciprocal Programs of the British Council &  Seoul Design

Apr 2017

Seoul Museum of Art & PaTI

Processing program activity

Mar 2017

Contents Korea Lab Incheon

the magazine planning and making program

July 2016

Art Director, J.Han Band

Art Director for producing music video

Aug 2014 - Mar 2018

Design Team Leader, Onnuri Church

Producing for Onnuri Church brochures

Apr 2014

Volunteer, Duksung Visual Comm. Design Dept. event

Helper on the Duksung Visual Comm. Design Dept. event
At the Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul Arts Center

Award and Qualification

Aug 2019 - 2021

Distinguished Scholar scholarship

at School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Mar 2018

Excellent scholarship

at Duksung Women’s University

Sep 2016

Corporate Scholarship

Corporate Scholarship from Won And One

Sep 2016

Excellent scholarship

at Duksung Women’s University

Jun 2016

Special selection Award at 2016 Communication Design Intl.Art Contest

in Communication Ass.of Korea

Mar 2016

Excellent scholarship

at Duksung Women’s University

Mar 2016

Scholarship for Improving Grades

at Duksung Women’s University

Mar 2015

Excellent scholarship

at Duksung Women’s University

Sep 2014

Senior scholarship

at Duksung Women’s University

Apr 2014

1st & 2nd Rate of Graphic Technology Qualification

1st & 2nd Rate of Graphic Technology Qualification, Korea Productivity Center

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