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Time Layers

Video Installation, 11.2020

Nowadays, we are having unexpected circumstance of the coronavirus pandemic. Including doctors and nurses, tons of people are doing their best to solve this problem. I was thinking about what I could also do for the people and society as an artist. 

While I have stayed at home most of days since I came back to my country, I realized that most people were living only for their goal without relaxation, and this felt like a big chore. Of course, that is helpful for accomplishing their dream, but people could miss lots of important things only running for that. At last, their crowded and busy life is stopped, and people look back during this quarantine time what they missed lots of things. This circumstances could be our turning point. After finishing this time, people will keep running for their aim, but I hope lots of people would live their life differently by living slowly with viewing and experiencing plenty of enjoyable things. 

Projection Mapping

‘Time Layers’ was shown on a building Rydygiera 29a at Kinomural 2020, an architectural projection festival in Wroclaw, Poland.  

This video proceeds with going through various layers constantly. People confront a piecemeal plane, but they could experience not current space, but other world by releasing this video using the projection mapping technology on the building. When people face ‘Time Layers’, they will go forward to other spaces unlike their intention of thoughts and speed. 

Screen Shot 2021-02-14 at 11.20.31
Screen Shot 2021-02-14 at 11.20.50
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